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Fruit Farm of the Spirit™️

About Us

Fruit Farm of the Spirit is a multimedia ministry that is focused on providing positive and enlightening augmented reality technology for children of all ages. We believe that children hold the key to the future, and we are investing in this generation by providing augmented reality products that teach them social skills, educate them about Jesus, and demonstrate core values through tools they are already familiar with. The tools and products that Fruit Farm of the Spirit produces, help to plant the seed of Jesus Christ in the hearts of everyone who uses our augmented reality software. We help children build their character and drive personal growth by utilizing today’s technology, including augmented reality books, video games, apps, TV shows, and music.

Our Mission

At Fruit Farm of the Spirit, our mission is to plant the seed of Jesus Christ into the hearts and minds of His youngest children. We want to empower them to grow a Kingdom Culture that will transform society by providing them with innovative technology that engages their minds and hearts as it educates with principle-based core values.