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Boy experiencing virtual reality

The Positive Impact of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technology that’s taking the world by storm. So far, it’s most famous applications have been in video games. However, utilizing the combination of the virtual and the real world has so much more potential!

Fruit Farm of the Spirit AR Headset


Teaching With AR

In education, AR has been reported to increase content understanding, help with language association, encourage collaboration and motivation, and improve the performance of physical tasks. This is impressive, considering the drawbacks of AR are very few and far between. 

In educational settings with the required technology, AR can already be used with various design and collaborative AR applications to promote learning. Many of the apps are customizable to meet each particular classroom’s needs and all are designed with learning in mind. 


Encouraging the Next Generation

Computers and virtual technology are the tools of the foreseeable future. Few people can dispute this, and even those few can’t deny the presence that virtual worlds have in the average American’s life. This dependence on virtual technology inevitably means job opportunities.

Utilizing AR in the classroom not only familiarizes students with emerging technologies — there are apps that actively teach coding. Code is the language of computers, and those well-versed in it can easily find work. 


The emergence of virtual reality and AR have already changed the way we view our world. The technologies aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, they will likely only continue to grow and evolve until they become as commonplace in our lives as cellphones and computers. It’s time to embrace them and discover how helpful their applications can be. Click here to learn about the AR technologies at Fruit Farm of the Spirit and how they can help your students learn about Jesus Christ!