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Fruit Farm of the Spirit™️


Fruit Farm of the Spirit utilizes donations and sales from our augmented reality products to build centers that we call Hubs of Hope. These centers are designed to be a place of refuge for at-risk children and youth.

The Hubs of Hope centers are spearheaded in Orlando, Florida, with a greater vision of building them globally.

One of our primary goals is to empower children and youth through education using innovative, augmented reality technology that will equip them in their personal growth and development, which will enable them to become positive citizens in their communities.

We have chosen to implement a one-for-one policy. For every educational box set that is purchased from Fruit Farm of the Spirit, one set will be given to a family that is unable to afford the set on their own. Not only will you empower your own child to learn about the Lord in a technologically unique way, but you will also empower a child who is less fortunate.

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